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Main directions of DIR activity:

  • Planning and development proposals for the development of international relations at the university;
  • Establishing academic, scientific and technical, and if necessary, monetary and financial relations with foreign partners;
  • Organization of academic exchanges for University students, researchers and professionals and their participation in international symposia, conferences, etc.;
  • Organization of international negotiations and business meetings;
  • Coordination of work and reporting of University divisions subordinated to Vice-Rector for international relations;
  • Control of the current work on international projects carried out in the University;
  • Participation University in international projects and programs, control the current work on international projects carried out by the University;
  • Planning perspective plans of DIR activity;
  • Coordination of work with foreign partners and participation in the development of relations with foreign partners;
  • Ensuring relations with services of international cooperation of the city, region, other public and private institutions and universities in Ukraine and other countries;
  • Management in the sphere of establishing offices of foreign companies, organizations and other institutions associated with international activities at the University.



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