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Dear colleagues,

Let me inform you that the International Relations Department has received a new e-mail in the corporate mail of the university:
For business correspondence, please use the specified e-mail.


The Month of Eastern Culture

The Month of Eastern Culture


Month of Eastern Culture

The Ukrainian-Japan Center of the NMU and the Ukrainian-Sino Cultural and Linguistic Center of NMU invite everyone on March 6, 2014 at 14:30 at the grand opening of the Month of Eastern Culture in the Cultural and Educational Center.

The program includes:

  1. Interactive lessons in Japanese literature. Leading lecturer: docent, candidate of philosophical sciences Moskalenko N.А. (11.03, 17.03, 24.03  at 14:30, Ukrainian-Japan Center (11/5))
  2. Lecture-presentation «China is Our Eastern Partner» (Yan Tyntyn, Men Lynyn) (13.03 at 14:30, Ukrainian-Japan Center (11/5))
    The Month of Eastern CultureChina
  3. Lecture-presentation and practical module on Feng Shui (you should have oriented to the cardinals plan of the room / apartment). Lessons are held by director of the Cultural and Educational Center of the NMU Peretokyna N.G.) (20.03 at 14:30, Ukrainian-Japan Center (11/5))

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