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Life, sport and recreation

Foreign citizens, enrolled to the University, have the opportunity to stay in a dormitorywith all conditions for comfortable accommodation, self-study and preparation for classes and recreation.
All foreign students of the University, live in the same dormitory, in double rooms.

In the immediate vicinity of the hostel you will find all the catering facilities, post office, international telephone and shopping centers.

Training complex provides a comprehensive harmonious physical development of students. It offers modern rooms specialized for gymnastics, athletics, track and field events as well as gyms and grounds for team sports. All visitors are provided with opportunities for bodybuilding and shaping in specially equipped gyms.

The University has a summer sports complex "Miner", which makes a significant contribution to the protection and promotion of health of university students, located in the beautiful countryside on theSamaraRiver.

IMG_1435.JPG The students of the state higher educational establishment NMU have all possibilities for personal enhancement and self-development. Doing sports plays a great role in it.
There are 14 sports teams in different kinds of sport operating on the basis of the university. They are the following:

Armsport Table tennis

Football ●JudoTeam-1andTeam-2

●Volleyballmensandwomens teams Karate

Basketball Shooting

●Handballmensandwomens teams Boxing

In the free time they get acquainted with the sights, historic and cultural centers, monuments of the city.


The development of artistic and aesthetic education of each individual student is provided by the cultural and educational center of the University. The Centre constantly holds cultural evenings, concerts, meetings, festivals and exhibitions. Foreign students have the opportunity here to celebrate their national holidays, indulge in a variety of amateur interest groups, hold meetings and evenings of foreign fraternities.


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