National Mining University Compliance with the Time



Address: State Higher Education Institution National Mining University

Building 4, Room. 31-3, Dmytra Yavornytskoho Ave. 19,

Dnipro, 49005, Ukraine

Phone/Fax: +38 (056) 3730740

Director Vacheslav Petrovskiy


Educational and scientific center for training of international citizens (ESC IC)is a structural division of the State Higher Education Institution National Mining University, acting on the basis of the University Regulations in the frame of existing legislation.

Main tasks of the ESC IC:

Providing of universitys external economic activity in the field of higher education related to the studies of foreign citizens;

Organization of marketing and commercial-informative activity in the field of export of educational services;

Networking of permanent and reliable partners for involving of foreign citizens for studies at the NMU;

Selection of foreign citizens for a reception on contract studies;

Preparation of agreements design with legal and individual persons for arrangement of educational services;

Execution of the personal documents of foreign students studied at the NMU;

Participating in organization of educational process and realization of the educational activity related to the studies of foreign citizens;

Participating in the questions-solving of legal and domestic conditions of foreigners studied at the university;

Providing of observance current legislation of Ukraine, regulations and rules of labour universitys order by foreign students;

Information for foreign citizens regarding entrance requirement at the State Higher Educational Institution National Mining University
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