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Learning Organization

Preparatory department for foreign students

Foreigners whose knowledge of the language of education is not sufficient are enrolled to the Preparatory department.

During the educational period all the students of the preparatory department learn Russian and Ukrainian languages, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History of Ukraine, computer science and drawing under the guidance of highly qualified staff. In their spare time they get acquainted with the sights, historical and cultural centers, monuments of the city, the needs and conditions of students at the University, and their way of life.

Upon request, students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of English for further study English-language programs.

Training group of students consists of 6 - 8 people.

Duration of training - 10 months. (start of classes - September 01)

Bachelors, Masters Degree

Foreign students, enrolled to the University, study in academic groups together with Ukrainian students.

The curriculum of training for the specialty include:

- A series of humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines;

- A series of fundamental disciplines;

- A series of professionally-oriented disciplines.

The amount of educational program to obtain educational degree:

- Bachelor - 240 ECTS credits, training period 3 years 10 month;

- Master - 90 ECTS credits, training period 1 year 5 months

Academic year - 2 semesters: Autumn - 01.09 - 31.01;

Spring - 01.02 - 30.06.

Students, who have fully met the requirements of the curriculum of this course and successfully passed the current and final control, are transferred to the next course by the rector's order.

Persons who have successfully completed relevant education (research) program and passed certification issued documents about higher education in the relevant degree.


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Diploma Supplement


Listof directions and specialties for students preparation:




Germanic languages and literature (including translation)


Economic Cybernetics

Enterprise Economics

Environmental Economics

World politics and economics

Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and Audit

Finance, Banking and Insurance

Finances and Credit





Business, trade and exchange activities

Business, Business administration, International business




Ecology and Environment

Earth Sciences

Geology, Hydrogeology, Geophysics, Engineering geology, Geology and precious stones

Sowtware Engineering

Computer Software of Systems

Computer Sciences and Information Technologies

Information Control Systems and Technologies

Information Technology of Aerospace Monitoring of Environment

Computer Engineering

Computer Systems and Networks

System Analysis

System Analyses and Control



Applied Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering Technology, Computer Technology of Engineering Production

Mechanical Engineering

Mining Equipment and Complexes, Computer Engineering

Electrical Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics

Electric Systems of Power Consumption, Power Management, Electromechanical Systems of Geotechnical Productions, Electromechanical Systems of Automation and Electric Drive, Programmable Mechatronic and Robotic Automation Systems, Nonotraditional and Renewable Power Sources

Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies

Computerized Systems of Control and Automation

Metrology and Information-measuring Technology

Metrology and Measuring Equipment

Telecommunicationsand Radio Engineering

Telecommunication Systems and Networks

Environmental Protection Technologies

Environmental Protection Technologies

Oil and gas engineering and technology

Construction of oil and gas wells, Technology of mining, transportation and storage of hydrocarbon energy sources


Underground mining, Mining Engineering, Mining Transport Systems and Logistics Engineering, Occupational Safety and Health, Open mining, Well-Drilling, Mine Surveying, Electromechanical Systems of Mining Companies, Quality, Standardization and Certification of Minerals, Mineral Dressing, Mining Geology, Natural Minerals Processing, Jewelry and Decorative Stones Processing, Mining Geotechnology and Geomechanics, Explosive Materials Technology

Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology

Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology

Building and Civil Engineering

Industrial and Civil Engineering, Engineering and Evaluation of Building Objects

Geodesy and Land management

Land Management and Cadastre, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Technologies

Civil Security

Industrial safety and labor protection, Technogenic Security and Mine Rescue Case

Automobile transport

Automobiles and Automobile Facilies

Transport Technologies

Traffic Organization and Transport Management (Automobile)

Postgraduate studies

University graduates, who have received the Masters degree and demonstrate the ability for research work, may be invited for the Postgraduate studies with the aim of preparation for graduate thesis for the "Doctor of Philosophy" degree, on the grounds of the recommendation of the department and the State Examination Committee.

Postgraduate programs - 4 years.


The list of specialties for admission to graduate school in

"National Mining University" in 2017


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